Social Media for Glass Artistry Networking

It is important in any field to keep up with the latest news, especially in creativity and methods. Glass art has been a field that was long neglected, but that is no longer the case. Old forms, such as stained glass, are becoming popular again while new fields, including glass fusion, are being explored. Glass artists have their hands full with plenty of work these days. Keeping up with what is new in the field may be a time issue for them. This is one of the best reasons to network through social media.

The beauty of networking is being able to keep in touch with people all over the world. Social media companies do their best to make it easier than ever to do this. They try to make their platforms as simple and non-technical as possible while keeping a high level of interaction available to users. It takes very little technical knowledge to operate many of the social media platforms online today. Phones, tablets and computers are all user ready for social media sites. This helps artists manage their learning time and keep up-to-date.

Artists who work with glass are always seeking new ways to create. With social media platforms, they can see pictures and read about new techniques. Videos are another component of social media. An artist no longer needs to travel far to see how a new technique is done. They need only turn on their favorite digital device, log on to their social media page and click on a video. If they have recently developed a new technique of their own, they can shoot a video with their phone and upload it for others to see.

Communicating through social media is remarkably easy and offers positive interaction for glass artists. They can ask or answer questions in real time through message services and emails. Videos allow many artists to describe what they are doing to give viewers a better understanding of their methods. Clear instructions with a video cut down on questions and misunderstandings. It helps artists explore their field while sharing their own tips and tricks to create better pieces.